Review about Aloe Dent Whitening Toothpaste

By Lisa gray 


My quest to have a completely ‘natural’ beauty regime doesn’t stop at skincare, haircare and makeup. My most recent purchase was Aloe Dent Whitening Toothpaste. After all toothpaste goes inside  my body so why shouldn’t I worry about the chemicals in my toothpaste just as much as my shampoo or foundation?
Aloe Dent Whitening does all the usual things you would expect from a toothpaste. It freshens your breath and it helps to prevent cavities, plaque and tartar build up. The difference is that it does all this without fluoride. If you want to know why this is important, I suggest you google “the dangers of fluoride in toothpaste” and completely freak yourself out!
Instead of fluoride, Aloe Dent uses natural ingredients which have the same benefits of fluoride but without the associated dangers. For example tea tree oil, which is antibacterial, silica which is whitening and Co Q10 for healthy gums.
Conventional, whitening toothpastes have tiny amounts of bleaching agents in them to whiten your teeth. The issue I have with this is, have you ever used bleach on your hair? What does bleach do to your hair? That’s right, it damages it, dries it out and generally ruins it! Do I want this kind of stuff on my teeth? No I do not.
Aloe Dent is green in colour, which Mr Juicy is completely freaked out by! It’s also more of fresh taste rather than a minty taste. These things do take a bit of getting used to but, I am thrilled with the results I’ve gotten from using Aloe Dent.
As a side note, the photo I’ve posted here is of my teeth after brushing twice a day with Aloe Dent. The photo was taken indoors, in natural daylight and hasn’t been tampered with in anyway to adjust the brightness, exposure, contrast etc. I am not wearing any lipstick/balm/gloss etc. in this photo because I didn’t want it to affect the appearance of my teeth.
Has anyone else tried any natural toothpastes?
Lisa x
Review of Aloe Dent Whitening Toothpaste
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Home Pedicure – Oriflame Feet Up – Awesome Results

(From one of the customers)

Hi All,
Today I would like to give you some tips how to keep your feet smooth and healthy. Just an hour in a week spend on your foot pamper and you will be have great looking feet. I promise you that.

This routine uses :

  • foot scrub,
  • foaming bath or foot gel,
  • a large foot bowl,
  • one large towel,
  • one small towel,
  • pumice stone,
  • pedicure tools.

At first fill a large bowl with warm water. Place the bowl on a large towel on the floor. Put both feet into the water. You can also use essential oils to the water. Then sit back and relax 🙂
After a while you can use foot scrub and massage both feet. In the next step dip both feet into the water. Take the pumice stone and rub over the sole. Then trim the nails straight across and smooth the edges with an emery board . Apply cuticle remover by using cotton buds. Dry the feet and apply base coat, polish and top coat.


A pedicure will help you to keep your feet attractive and healthy. You can use:

  • nail polish remover,
  • cotton wool (to remove nail polish),
  • nail brush (useful for cleaning under the nail),
  • cotton buds,
  • toenail clippers (easier to use than scissors),
  • cuticle remover,
  • nail polish and top coat.

There is a lot of useful products in Catalogue 8, which are very good for feet like:

  • Foot Care Pumice Brush code 9587,
  • Moisturising Socks code 16675 (which you can use during the night after applying foot cream or foot mask),
  • Feet- Up Arctic Scandinavia Foot Spray code 24175,
  • Feet- Up Arctic Scandinavia Foot Cream code 24714,

Really HOT Products for Summer:

  • Feet -Up Advanced Stimulating Cooling Relief Cracking Leg Mouse code 21905 – for tried legs with Intensive Care Complex,
  • Feet-Up Advanced  24 H Odour Control code 25448.

You can try also;

  • Feet-Up Advanced Cracked Heel Repair Foot Cream code 21889,
  • Feet – Up Advanced 2 in 1 Deep Action Foot Scrub code 23272,
  • Feet – Up Advanced salvation Foot Cream code 23276 which reduce appearance of calluses and hard skin in just 2 weeks,
  • Swedish Spa Nourishing Foot Mask code 23738 – use during the night with moisturising socks.


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Oriflame Feet Up Collection Info

Design Board and Oriflame collaboration has been going on since 2008 with many successful packaging solutions in the personal & skin care category. Oriflame wanted to relaunch its Foot Care range. One of the key success factors for this relaunch was a revamp and a re-organisation of this category.


Start walking!
In the search of a brand new strategic branding solution for the foot care brand!
The process included the following stages:
· New brand architecture
· New portfolio management
· New brand identity & positioning
· Complete range packaging designs
First new steps
We achieved
· a modern branding strategy for this category:
· aligned with market trends
· appealing
· clearly linked with the Foot Care category

A walk to remember
Service: Line extension/ Limited edition development
Timing: Seasonal/ Ongoing
After we introduced the new Feet up core range, Oriflame decided that as part of the Brand strategy they will introduce different line extensions every 2 months. Every season ot special occasion there is a mini range development to be added to the core range.
1. Summer edition
As one of the last challenges we received from Oriflame was the new Limited Collection Summer Aromatic with Neroli oil and frangipani scent.
These new products needed to be implemented in the same design architecture as the Feet-up core range while presenting obvious “limited life” characteristics.
Keeping the Brand consistency but differentiating and creating the feeling of special edition was one of the most important tasks from the brief.
The Feet-up Aromatic Summer range is dedicated to young women who value their feet as a key part of their beauty and who appreciate aromatherapy and dream about having this treatment at home!
Oriflame Feet up with Neroli oil and Frangipani scent is fresh summer edition inspired by the feeling of absolute comfort and care.


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