Forever Aloe Vera for Acne Treatment



Acne is a common skin disease especially in teenagers. However, adult acne is not rare either. Acne usually shows when the nature of the skin is changed either because of bacterial colonization of the skin surface or androgen-induced changes in the sebaceous follicles.

The first signs of acne are the lesions. In mild to moderate acne, seborrhea, comedones, papules and pustules are the first to appear. These are also commonly known as red, scaly skin, whiteheads, blackheads, pinheads and pimples.

In severe cases of acne, the papules could become bigger and form nodules. In addition, inflamed bumps on the skin may turn into acne cysts. When nodules and cysts are aggravated they may cause acne scars.

Acne starts in most people as soon as puberty. Ideally, it should have cleared away or reduced tremendously by age 25 when the oily teenage skin is replaced by the dry adult skin.

However, the hormonal imbalance and bacterial cause of acne may extend the skin condition well into middle age

Causes of Acne

In young people, especially in their teens, the level of production of male sex hormones or androgens is increased. These excess androgens can change the nature of the skin leading to increased sebum production and hyperkeratinization.

Examples of androgens which can cause this change are testosterone and its metabolites such as dihydrotestosterone or DHT.  When acne breaks out during pregnancy, menstrual cycles or menopause, it is usually because of hormonal imbalances.

For example, during menopause, the production of estradiol may fall. This female sex hormone is a natural anti-acne compound, and when it is no longer produced, androgens will dominate.

Other causes of hormonal imbalance which can lead to acne include birth control pills especially ones which do not contain estrogen; certain diseases such as Cushing’s syndrome and polycystic ovarian syndrome; and some forms of hormone replacement therapy.

For the bacterial cause of acne, two bacteria are implicated. These are Propionibacterium acnes and Staphylococcus epidermis.

While there are beneficial strains of P. acnes living on the surface of healthy skin, harmful strains of the bacterium can change the nature of the skin enough to cause acne especially when S. epidermis is also present.

There are different medications that can be used to treat acne. Some of them kill off the acne-causing bacteria, some correct hormonal imbalance and others keep the skin pores unclogged while clearing acne lesions.

Herbal extracts can treat acne by any combination of these three mechanisms. They share the distinct advantage of having very few side effects if any. They are also affordable and backed by years of use in traditional medicine in different cultures.

Aloe is an excellent example of such herbal extract. After centuries of use as a herbal remedy, it continues to be used for treating skin diseases even today.

How Aloe Vera Works For Acne

Aloe vera is widely used in the cosmetic industry for its soothing, moisturizing and nourishing effects on the skin.

Its bactericidal activity makes it useful for healing wounds and for treating skin infections such as psoriasis and acne.  In acne treatment, the bactericidal activity of aloe vera is effective against both P. acnes and S. epidermis.

Aloe vera extracts have also been shown to have antifungal properties. Apart from skin infections, aloe vera can be used to treat inflammatory bodies on the skin such as boils and cysts.

Aloe vera can penetrate deep into the skin to kill off bacteria hiding in clogged skin pores. It can also form a protective layer over the skin in order to speed up the healing of acne lesions and the fading of acne scars.

This herbal extract can also reduce the size of inflamed nodules and cysts and help relieve pain caused by the swelling. Aloe vera also promotes the regeneration of skin cells and tissues.

Using Aloe Vera to Treat Acne

There are many acne products containing aloe vera. They are usually sold as topical preparations. Some of these also have other active ingredients besides aloes.

To get the most benefits from treating acne with FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS‘ aloe vera skincare product, you should use it constantly. The usual routine for aloe vera acne product is to apply it in the morning and in the evening.

You should try and combine different aloe-containing acne skin product types. You can establish a skincare routine with aloe vera gelly, Aloe lotion or cream, Avocado soap (with Aloe in it) and ALOE Marine mask.

For example, you may apply aloe vera gel in the morning on the area of the skin affected by the acne. Gently massage the gel into the skin and leave it on. Aloe vera soap can be used as a facial cleanser. Wash the area covered by the acne with such soap at least twice daily. For those with oily skins, more frequent washes may be required.

To moisturize your skin while maintaining the anti-acne cover, use an aloe vera lotion or cream. This will provide an all-day protective layer that reduces the breakout of new acne lesions. By night, you can apply an aloe vera mask before going to bed, and wash it off in the morning.

Aloe vera products may cause a tingling sensation or itching on sensitive skins. A very few people also are allergic to aloe. For most people though, aloe is safe to use and produces no side effects.

Aloe Vera as a Home Remedy

While you can buy aloe vera products from your local drug store, you can also make your own aloe preparations at home.

To do this, first you need to remove a whole leaf from the aloe plant. An outer leaf should be chosen and then cut off as close to the trunk of the plant as possible.

Make a slit down the middle of the leaf to release the yellow exudate which is the latex. Allow all of the exudate to drain to prevent it from contaminating the gel that will come out later. This latex is responsible for the irritation and inflammation sometimes reported for topical applications of aloe.

There is no need to drain the leaves of Aloe arborescens since it contains very little of the latex.

With a serrated knife, cut off the jagged edges of the leaf then remove its thick skin. After this, scrape off any latex left from the gel core of the leaf.

Remove a piece of the gel and apply directly to the part of the skin affected by acne. Avoid contact with the eyes. Store the rest of the gel in an airtight container in the refrigerator where it can keep for a week.


Pure Aloe For Acne Treatment


Pure Aloe PROPOLIS For Acne Treatment


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Clean 9 Detox Review – My Story

After hearing many success stories about Forever’s Clean 9, I decided to give it a try, after all, as a distributor of Forever Living Products, how can I promote and recommend something with conviction if I haven’t tried it for myself. Once I completed the program, then I would be able to share my own experience.


The other reason I was looking forward to doing it was because my body hasn’t had a cleanse or a break for years, much like thousands of other people, and I thought that doing the Clean 9 can only have a positive effect on my health.
Prepare To Succeed!

Preparing For The Clean 9 Program

A little preparation is a good idea to ensure success and as I like to start things at the beginning of the week, I planned to start the Clean 9 on a Monday morning.  I also didn’t have any big occassion or event on where I might be tempted to veer off the program – I was determined to follow the instructions exactly to see what kind of results I would get. Having heard that lots of people were losing quite a few lbs as well as inches, I wanted to see if this would work for me.

It is recommended to reduce your intake of stimulants a couple of days before starting the detox to minimize any of the possible side effects of withdrawal but instead of the 3-4 cups of coffee I normally drink every day, I think I cut it down to 2 cups on the day before I started.



Clean 9 Review – Day 1 & 2

The first 2 days of the Clean 9 program consist of drinking lots of aloe vera gel and taking both the garcinia and bee pollen supplements as well as drinking lots of water.

There is also 1 protein shake to drink at lunch time but no other eating.

I weighed and measured myself and as I had prepared myself mentally ahead of starting the program.

My starting weight was 10 stone 9 lbs 4 ozs or 69.22 kgs or 149 lbs 6.4ozs.


My measurements were –
Arm – measured at the widest part – 9.5 inches
Waist – 36 inches
Chest – 37 inches
Hip –  38 and half inches
Thigh – 20 inches
   … and Day 1 went very smoothly.  I missed the act of physically eating and would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little hungry when it got to about 7 or 8 o’clock.
Day 2
Day 2 was a little more difficult but I was determined to follow the Clean 9 instructions exactly so I distracted myself with other things as much as I could. I had a slight headache on waking up and I noticed I was a little irritable.  I also felt a little “achey”, like as if you are coming down with a cold. The headache lessened when I drank some water and passed after a couple of hours.  I also did around 30 minutes of exercise each day which consisted of walking which did actually clear my head, and I went to bed early both nights.

Day 3

Day 3 could be described as “exciting” – as I got to taste the protein shake which was delicious!  I’ve never had a protein shake before but I was surprised how full I felt after drinking it.  I did experience a little lower back pain which I normally don’t have and the Clean 9 I thought had to have something to do with it.  My friend Mary did explain that this was most likely caused by a shift in the bowel due to the cleansing process and the bowel could be pressing on a nerve.  This was nothing major and I would really describe it as uncomfortable – I knew it was only a temporary thing and it would be gone in a day or 2.  I also got to eat a 600 calorie meal for dinner which consisted of a fillet of chicken, lightly brushed with pesto sauce, 1 small roast potato and some roast vegetables – delicious!

Day 4

Day 4 I started to feel better – my achey feelings were gone and I just wasn’t hungry at all.  I still had some lower back pain but overall I was fine.  I did feel a little constipated which surprised me as I thought I might have been spending a little more time on the toilet. Taking a probiotic capsule is recommended to help with constipation. From day 3 onwards, the amount of gel is reduced to twice per day.

Day 5 

From day 5 onwards, I felt great – I did not feel hungry apart from when it was coming up to lunch or dinner and I had a lot of energy.  The protein shakes for both breakfast and lunch really kept me full and I found that the 600 calorie meal is actually plenty of food.  Planning ahead to make sure you have something suitable for dinner is vital.

Day 6 -9

I weighted myself on Day 6 and I was down 2lbs and I felt a lot thinner however I did not meausre or weight myself any other time until the end of the program. I also did the recommended 20 mins of exercise each day.

Day 10

I was really excited to see what the results were after the 9 day plan – I really felt so much better and healthier, I almost decided against eating (almost!)  I hopped on the scales – yeah…


10st 4lbs and 8ozs


AFTER – Clean9

Clean 9 Results – 

Weight afterwards – 10st 4lbs and 8ozs – or 66kg or 144 lb 8oz


Measurements Taken After Clean 9 

Arm – measured at the widest part – 9.5 inches  – same
Waist – 36 inches            –  now 34 inches
Chest – 37 inches            –  now 36 inches
Hip –  38 and half inches  –  now 37 inches
Thigh – 20 inches             – now 19 inch each leg

INCH LOSS – TOTAL 6 and half inches

The Clean 9 Detox Review – Overall

Overall I found the Clean 9 program was fantastic and if I had to carry it on longer than the 9 days, I would have happily done so.  I really felt cleaner, lighter, healthier and thinner by the end.

My most difficult day of the program was DAY 2 because of a combination of being hungry, withdrawal symptoms and changes starting to take place in my body.  I was 100% motivated to complete the program and I was probably  tempted only once or twice to stray – but as I wanted to make sure I followed the instructions to a tee, I did not give in to temptation.

The booklet which comes in the box is a great guide as there is a planner for each day so you can keep track of how you are feeling, things you may notice and the exercise you’ve done.

If you do decide to have something which is different to what is outlined on the plan, it is important to keep track of it as it could affect the final outcome and so your expectations.  You also fill out your weight and measurements before you begin, so you have a record to compare with.

Some of the effects Clean 9 had on me –

My nails grew quickly, seemed stronger and healthier
My hair felt and looked great
I felt a lot thinner
No food cravings AT ALL – can honestly say I was not hungry
Really felt like choosing healthier options even days after the program had finished
Had great energy levels
Was buzzing and noticed my mood was much better

CLEAN 9 REVIEW – After Completing The Program 

On Day 10, I had 3 meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner and I kept drinking the gel however though I had some supplements left, I didn’t think to take them.

I mentioned to a friend that evening that I had just completed the Clean 9 Detox and diet and she said it would be interesting to see what my weight was the following day as more than likely once I returned to normal eating, I would put on at least 2lbs of what I had lost.

I thought that was interesting so here is my result the following morning –

As I write this, it is one week and a day after the result above.  My weight this morning is exactly 10st 4lbs.I’ve been more concious of choosing healthier options but I’ve also worked out my BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) – the minimum number of calories that MY body needs each day to function properly at rest AND my AMR (Actual Metabolic Rate) – this is my BMR plus the calories I need each day to support movement and activity.

AMR depends on your level of activity so will be calculated different depending on how active you are.  The ONLY way to lose weight is to burn off MORE calories than you take in and once you know the rate at which your body uses and burns calories, you will be a lot closer to achieving your goal for weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance.

You can at this stage move on to the Nutri-Lean program depending on how much weight you have to lose.  You could also introduce another meal, either breakfast or lunch and stick with one protein shake – you could also decide to continue with the garcinia supplements for a while and remain drinking the aloe vera gel for overall health. These products are available to purchase serperately.

You don’t of course “need” to continue with these recommendations, the most important thing is to be aware of what kinds of foods you are consuming and in what amounts to ensure you hold on to the results you achieve with Clean 9 Detox.

I am in LOVE with my BODY !!!  I will do my BEST to MAINTAIN this and KEEP my self SAME!!!

FOREVER – Clean 9 Experience

Forever Living Clean 9 Experience  Image

The Forever Living Clean 9 Programme is part of Forever Living’s two step programme combining a 9 day nutritional cleansing programme followed by a long term weight management programme called the Forever Nutri-Lean Programme that puts you back in control of your life in terms of dietary requirements, healthy eating and weight management.  These comprehensive programmes take the guesswork out of having a work out and understanding a balanced diet and provide you with all the information, knowledge and techniques of how to get out of unhealthy eating habits, the “yo-yo” dieting syndrome and many other nutritional and fitness misconceptions you have believed and followed previously.
The Forever Clean 9 Programme is a kick start to put you on your way to a cleaner, healthier and happier you, cleansing your body of all the unwanted and unnatural chemicals in preparation for a lifetime of healthy eating and enjoyable dietary control.
Forever Living have made the Clean 9 Programme very simple and easy to follow.  It includes everything you need in a single pack that will cleanse your digestive system and put you back on the path to being in control of your health.  The only thing now required from you is Commitment, Control and Compliance (the 3 “C’s”).  It’s all about a lifestyle change and the 3 “C’s” are ultimately the key factors for success.

So, what can you expect?

Experience shows that you are more likely to persevere with a programme if you can see results and achieve your goals.  The Clean 9 Programme does exactly this, giving you a step by step guide in which you outline 3 personal goals you wish to achieve from the Programme, whilst enabling you to chart your progress, check your weight and measurements and ensure your plan for success is achieved by way of a daily planner.  The daily planner includes everything you need to stay motivated and keep on target.
Typically, you will drop at least a clothes size in the 9 days.  The average weight loss is around 4Kg (9lbs).  But more importantly, your body has now been cleansed of all the unwanted and unnatural chemicals that have been inhibiting your previous attempts at weight management.  Your body will now have been “serviced” and “re-tuned” and your digestive system will be functioning at an optimal level and will be able to better absorb the nutrients from the food you intake.  Your digestive system, now able to function at an optimal level, will help your body burn the appropriate amount of calories rather than store them as fat.  Your general wellbeing will be lifted to a higher level, your complexion will improve, your energy levels will increase and so will your confidence because you will start to see results.

Read one of My client’s Clean 9 Experience

Day 1 – A bit of a shock to the system.  I’m taking in only Forever aloe vera  gel, a combination of supplements and large amounts of water – no food!  But it is only for 9 days and I’m certainly not going to give up at this stage.  I’m not a fan of water, so to drink over 2 litres is daunting but I will do it!
Day 2 – This is the hardest day.  A repeat of day 1, and my energy levels have really taken a pounding.  Confidence levels dipped and my commitment was really called into question.
Day 3 – With the introduction of nutritional shakes and my first meal, my hunger pains disappeared, energy levels increased and my confidence to complete the programme was re-instated.  Lost 2Kgs and an inch off my inner thigh measurement.
Day 4 – Commitment, control and compliance back on track today.  It’s quite surprising what you can eat as a 600 calorie meal.  The nutritional shakes are starting to get a bit boring, I wish I had got the chocolate flavour as well just for a bit of variety.
Day 5 – Already dropped a dress size.  I can now fit into a pair of jeans I haven’t worn for ages.  The meals are great.  However, I’m struggling to completely eat them as I am feeling full.  I think Forever Garcinia Plus is now my favourite Forever Living product. An amazing supplement!
Day 6 – Well and truly in the routine of complying with the programme now.  Nutritional shakes are still a little boring, but I look forward to the 600 calorie meal each day because of the flavours.  Definitely recommend buying a 2nd shake flavour different to the one in the pack.  Lost 4 Kgs, nearly 9lbs in 6 days.
Day 7 -I must say, I’m not getting on with the Bee Pollen tablets.  Seeing as my energy levels are not suffering, I’m going to drop them and see what happens over the next couple of days.
Day 8 – No adverse reaction to not taking the Bee Pollen.  Energy, confidence and commitment levels are all good.  Flatter tummy, feeling great!
Day 9 – The final weigh in.  Lost 6 Kgs (nearly 1 stone).  3 inches off my waist, 2 inches lost on my inner thigh measurement, 1 inch off my upper arm measurement and a much flatter tummy.  Feel great, complexion improved and dropped more than a dress size.  Going to continue using Forever Garcinia Plus.  I’m surprised at how easier it got as the time lapsed rather than more difficult as previous diets have been.

My Top 10 Tips:

  1. Take on lots of water, a minimum of 2 litres per day.
  2. Day 2 seemed to be the toughest, but it’s mind over matter; you are just not used to going without food temporarily so ride it out, I got through it and so can you.
  3. Order an additional shake flavour different to the one in the Clean 9 pack.  It will give you a choice and variety of tastes at meal times.
  4. Plan a day in advance your 600 calorie meal from day 3 onwards. This ensures you have a well balanced meal, are within your daily allowance and gives you something to look forward to.
  5. Ensure you do take your Garcinia Plus 20 minutes before each meal and shake.
  6. Don’t be tempted to measure and weigh yourself every day. The effects will be more subtle.
  7. Keep your Clean 9 guide (that you get with your pack) filled in. This will record your achievements, your morale, your meals and keeps your motivation in track.
  8. Once day 9 is here do congratulate yourself for your achievements.
  9. Re-assess everything you have learned, and keep in mind how your thought process of food and nutrition changed and continue that through your daily nutrition on a long term basis.
  10. Don’t throw all your good efforts away. Move on to phase 2, Nutri Lean for long term weight management.