October 2015

Dry Skin Diary – Favorite Freeman Masks

Gorgeous girls with dry skin, I know all of you are dreading winter. All is well ’cause I’m here to the rescue! ^_^ I have some amazing masks for dry skin to talk about today, all from the affordable and readily available brand, Freeman Beauty.
The one that deep cleans – Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask – Both the ingredients are amazing for nourishing dry skin, however, in this mask they are combined with clay so they work to deep clean the skin from all impurities, whilst keeping it soft. I know clay masks are DISASTROUS for us dry skin girls. They leave our skin itchy and even drier. But if you use Freeman Beauty Avocado & Clay Mask once a week, and follow up with your toner and moisturiser, I assure you you’re skin will feel squeaky clean without that horrible dryness.
The one that exfoliates – Pineapple Enzyme Mask – This one is a fruit peel mask. You’re supposed to use this INSTEAD of your regular scrub. I repeat, instead of. It exfoliates your skin in the most comfortable way – amazing for sensitive skin by the way – and leaves skin smooth and glow-y. I’ve only used this thrice and I can honestly say my skin looks brighter and my tan has reduced! I would advice you to use this only once a week for a while and then level up to twice a week, but that’s it. You shouldn’t use it more than that otherwise your skin would be over exfoliated and terribly exposed to the harmful sun.
The one that hydrates – Goji Berry Hydration Mask – This mask is my love!! It was my first mask by Freeman Beauty. It hydrates your skin deeply but doesn’t leave a film of oil. Regular usage fixes up dry and dark patches from the skin. and of course, it leave skin incredibly soft and smooth. It’s a must-have for winter! You can read my complete review about this mask here.
My routine – Always remember to not use any masks, especially clay masks, on your skin after the enzyme one. ‘Cause your skin gets really really sensitive after using both of those. Try to leave gaps between exfoliation and clay masks. I use the clay mask on Wednesdays. On Fridays I use the enzyme mask, and hydrating one on Sundays. But this is my mask routine right now in fall. In winter I will be using the hydrating mask 2-3 times a week, enzyme mask 1-2 times a week and clay mask after 2 weeks. In summer I only use the hydrating mask once every 2 weeks ’cause my moisturiser is enough.
All the above mentioned masks are available at
I hoped I helped out with my post! Freeman has some more gorgeous masks out, but I have no clue when us Pakistanis are gonna get them in store 😦 Which Freeman mask is your favorite?

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