It is wise and healthier for both men and women to always to “Pee” or to Pass Urine Peacefully in Squatting or at least in Sitting Posture.. 🙂


Generally, in the animal kingdom, animals take different postures for standing, sitting, passing urine and passing stool. In human society on the other hand, we see that small children by nature, before they are trained up by adults, naturally pass urine and stool in squatting posture. Why is this so?  An Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Achyutananda explains, ‘urinating while standing leads us to backache, loss of energy of the senses, fatigue and quick loss of vital energy’. Dr. Shiva, who is also an Ayurvedic doctor, describes that, ‘from a health point of view, by nature male and female bodies are made in a way that when in squatting posture all urine naturally and effortlessly and peacefully flows out, because in this position the human body is more naturally relaxed and that helps urine to completely leave our body. If habitually, we urinate in standing posture, then 5 to 10 percent urine remains in our urinary system. As we see, most dirty things and garbage sediments at the bottom. This means that if one urinates in standing posture and never completely empties the urinary system, our urinary system starts to gather sediment and gradually grows and multiplies dirty things, garbage, bacteria, stones, infections, etc. which gradually causes urinary system diseases, lots of male problems, frustration, depression, and ignorance etc. Ultimately by this unhealthy habit of urinating while standing, we will end up in urinary system diseases like urinary tract infections, incontinence, bladder
cancer, bladder exstrophy, diaper rash, kidney cancer, kidney stones, urethral diverticula, vesicoureteral reflux, cystocele (fallen bladder), hematuria (blood in the urine), impotence, interstitial cystitis,  infertility in men, prostate disease, prostate cancer as well as other unhealthy conditions and diseases affecting the urinary system.’


Unfortunately, we see kids/ boys/ men peeing or urinating under the BOARDS where there is written “DO NOT URINATE HERE!”, even we see kids urinating where ever they get a chance to do whether it is a canal, street, lake, open area like holes in houses and to the worst extent in the shower areas….. do-not-urinate.png

Unfortunately, in present day, under the flags of freedom and hygiene, many advertisements are even promoting for females to urinate by standing. In the aspects of health, as unhealthy pee or urinate by standing for femalewe mentioned before, for females to urinate by standing is far more dangers than for males. Those women, who practice this unhealthy standing while urinating posture, it is for sure that they will ultimately end up with gynecological and urinary system health problems and diseases, faster than males.

“Urinary system diseases affect the lives of millions of people every year. Some cause temporary inconvenience and discomfort. Others can cause extreme pain and may even be fatal.” (www.ehow.com – Urinary system diseases)



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